Get submissions ready for Review

Administrators will need to change the status of submissions from an Edit status to a Review status.


Change from Abstract to Abstract Review

This will stop Submitters from editing the submission and will allow Reviewers to start reviewing.


If you project is configured to automatically change the status of a submission when it is submitted by the submitter then most of your submissions will already be prepared. You may still want to check unsubmitted submissions to see if they qualify for review.

Identify Required Statuses

Start off by identifying the name of the status that the submissions are currently in and identify the name of the status that they need to be in for review.


Current Status is Abstract and target status is Abstract Review


See Submission Status for more information about submission status.

Find Submissions

Go to the Submitting Dashboard.

Click on the Submissions tile matching the status of the submissions to prepare.


In this screenshot, you would click on the Draft Submissions tile


In your project, the Submissions tile will depend on the name given to your Submission Types. E.g. Abstract, Papers, Applications, Proposals etc

Select the Submissions that are ready to be reviewed by clicking on the checkboxes on the left hand side:


You probably want to only choose Complete submissions but you are allowed to assign incomplete ones too

Click on Edit Selected Submissions at the top

In the dropdown, select Status and then choose the Review status you want the submissions moved to and then click Save

The selected submissions will now be moved to the Review status. You will receive a notification when it has completed.