A Task defines a set of actions that are automatically executed by App.

Each Task is made up of a number of Task Steps that carry out individual actions.  

A Task is executed whenever a Task Trigger has been activated.

When a Task has been executed, a Task Job is created with the results of the execution.

When a Task is executed it is ran as if the creator of the Task was carrying out the steps manually. (See Task Security).

See Tasks List to view and manage the tasks in a project.


A Task has the following properties:

Property Description
Name A unique name for the task. (See Below)  
Description A long description for the task.


This should a descriptive name to help users understand what the task does.




Only Alpha Numeric characters are allowed for the name. (No spaces)


A long description for the task.

This should be as descriptive as possible, including details of the steps that the task carries out.


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Managing Tasks

Tasks can be accessed from the Settings dashboard.