Automation Overview

A Task defines a set of actions that are automatically executed by the system.

Task Steps

Each Task is made up of a number of Task Steps which carry out the individual actions required by the Task.


A task called 'EmailOnAssignment' carries out 2 steps:
1. Send an email to reviewers
2. Send a chase email to reviewers 2 days later.

Task Triggers

A Task is only executed when a Task Trigger is fired.  There are a number of different types of trigger that can execute a Task.


Execute Task 24 hours before the Submission Deadline.
Execute Task when a submitter completes a submission.

Task Jobs

When a Task is executed, a Task Job is created with the details of the outcome of the Task. Task Jobs are also used when scheduling tasks.

Scheduled Tasks

A Task can be scheduled to run in the future by using a number of different techniques. See Scheduled Tasks.

Task Context

Sometimes when a Task is executed, the context of the Task is needed so that the Task Steps execute using the correct data.


Completing Submission 0012 causes a Task to be executed.
The Task has a Task Step that sends the Submission Completed email.
The Task needs to know to run with the Context of Submission 0012 otherwise it will send the email to ALL submitters.

The Task Context is dependant on the Task Trigger. Some Task Triggers do not supply a Task Context.

Combining Tasks

It is possible for a Task Step to execute another Task.  See Child Task for more details. 

Task Security

In order to maintain security, the permissions that a Task runs with are strictly controlled. If the Task does not have the correct permissions to run then it will fail. See Task Security.


Sometimes, Tasks and their Steps can fail. Use our Troubleshooting guide to get more information.