Welcome to Smart Submissions

If you are a new client then the Your new Project section is a good starting point.


If you are not a client/administrator but someone using the software then please visit our Support Documentation.

Browse the following sections or use the search feature to find the help you need:

Section Description
Getting Started Getting started guides for new customers.
Automation Automate your project using tasks.
Commerce Help about our Commerce module including Delegate Registration.
Communications Help about sending emails from the Smart software.
Data How to configure and store data in Smart.
Forms How to collect data from users such as submitters and reviewers.
Integrations Connect to other systems and use our API.
Organisations Manage organisations stored in Smart.
People Manage the people connected to your project.
Scheduling Build and publish a schedule/programme for your event.
Project Manage project settings.
Reporting Download reports and data.
Reviewing Manage the reviewing process for data you have collected.
Security Control access to your project and data.
Submitting Manage the collection of data from your submitters.
Support How to get help and help guides for non-administrators using Smart.
Templates Mange templates for your reports, grids and online programme.
Tools Information and help about common tools used in the Smart software.


If you need further assistance then please contact Smart Support or leave a comment at the bottom of the relevant help article.